IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)is a hybrid device that combines the advantages of bipolar current conduction and MOSFET gate control, resulting in a close to ideal device with low forward voltage drop,low switching loss and high input impedance. IGBTs have been widely used in high power applicationssuch as electric vehicles 、motor drives, solar and wind power generation,and is the workhorse device for power electronics.TMC are focusingon the introductionof high voltage IGBT's to the Chinese and world market. Devices have been developedinclude 1200V/ 1700V /4500V IGBTs. Technologies used include planar and trench NPT and Trench FS IGBTs.

  • Low saturation voltage
  • Low switching loss
  • positive temperature coefficient for easy paralleling

Suitable for AC/DC drive uninterrupted  power supply induction cooker general inverter switch and resonant mode power supplies, etc.

ProductBVCE(V)IC(A)VCE(sat)(V)Eoff(mJ)OP temp.(℃)TechnologyPackage
TGW40N60A600401.90.65-50~150Trench FSTO-247
TGM100N120BS*12001002.58.60-50~150Planar NPTmodule
TGM75N120AS*1200752.04.80-50~150Trench FSmodule
TGL40N120B1200402.52.00-50~150Planar NPTTO-264
TGW40N120A1200402.02.20-50~150Trench FSTO-247
TGL40N120A1200402.02.20-50~150Trench FSTO-264
TGW25N120A1200252.01.10-50~150Trench FSTO-247
TGW20N120A1200201.71.40-50~150Trench FSTO-247
TGW35N135A1350351.73.20-50~150Trench FSTO-247
TGL20N170B*1700202.44.00-50~150Planar NPTTO-264
TGM42N450AP*4500423.013.50-50~150Planar FSmodule



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