China Smart Grid Research Institute’s first batch of outsourcing research (service) procurement project.
25/08/2014View: 2969

China plans, since 2015, to invest 100~150 billion US dollar annually on cultivating domestic chip industry, which may take up to ten years (some say five); therefore all Chinese chip industry play tricks to obtain government subsidy eligibility. And Chinese government funds may go through the established funds instead of assignment way to extend. The funds will be managed by professional investors, management and supervision to decide the object worthy of investment.

Although China government on the chip industry of grant funding details is negotiated, apparently some state-run investment institutions such as Tsinghua group and PDSTI have begun to take action. Spektrum, RDA and montage technology acquisition is an example. The semiconductor industry itself is actually a kind of state strong colors of the industry, although in the market can see a lot of successful global manufacturers, are in need of strong support from the government policy

A country also needs to have the perfect local financial market, to improve industrial value and absorb all talents to create differentiation.


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