Lighting power

The high voltage Super Junction MOSFET of Wuxi Tongfang Microelectronics Co.,LTD., based on charge balance theory and deep trench technology, can optimize the static and dynamic characteristics owing to lower on-resistance and gate charge. In the market of Switch mode power supply (SMPS), charger, and LED driver, this device can be applied in the circuit of  PFC, Forward DC/DC, Flyback etc., resulting in lower power losses and higher transfer efficiency.

Example of lighting application


Example of Switch mode power supply(SMPS) application

SMPS Topology Voltage class
AC / DC PFC 600
DC / DC Two Switch Forward DC-DC(TTF) 600
Fixed Frequency Flyback 650
Single Stage 650/600
LLC  Half Bridge DC-DC 650/600
Quasi-Resonant Flyback DC-DC 900
Active Clamp Forward 800
ZVS Asym. Half Bridge DC-DC 650/600
ITTF 600/500




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