Wuxi Unigroup Microelectronics Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise funded by Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co.Ltd.. We are a fabless IC design firm, with a focus on advanced power semiconductor devices and IC chip design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and sale. The company is headquartered on the second floor of Building D2 in Chinese Sensor Network International Innovation Park, New district, Wuxi.

Our management team is composed of many experienced individuals who have worked in major company in China as well as abroad for many years. We have rich experience in management of semiconductor company, mastered not only advanced R&D technologies but also advanced production technologies in the world. We can provide production of the super junction MOSFET, IGBT, Low Vf SBD, IGTO and other advanced semiconductor power devices and power IC. Our products are widely used in the fields of energy efficient motor drives, green lighting, wind power, smart power grid, hybrid electric vehicles, instrumentation and consumer electronics.

Our company’s principle is to satisfy our customers while benefitting society through the combination of our efforts and our outstanding products. With the combination of our world-class technology and the versatility of semiconductor market, we aim to provide our customers with high quality products with comprehensive services.

Now TMC has been given a new meaning to her name –“Thinking Makes Change” and proposed a new corporate philosophy: “very TMC, very Innovation”, aiming to continuously meet the increasing customer demand by idea, service, product, business and management innovations.


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